Pokémon GO Guide: How To Evolve Existing Pokémon Into The Newly Added Gen 2 Pokémon

By Kim Chan , Feb 18, 2017 04:00 AM EST

Gen 2 is finally live and players are starting to enjoy the variety of new Pokémon in the wild. But for those players that are either tired of catching new Pokémon or simply could not catch one, they can still get their hands on that beloved new Gen 2 Pokémon! They simply need to have the "right ingredients." Here are the exact methods on how to Evolve Gen 1 Pokémon to the latest Gen 2 releases.

Pokémon GO: How To Evolve Gen 1 into Gen 2 Pokémon

The biggest update in Pokémon GO has just dropped yesterday and it brought about the highly anticipated Gen 2 Pokémon and several key improvements such as new wild counter movements, music, avatar customization and evolution items. Moreover, Niantic has added 80+ new Pokémon in the wild including Gen 2 exclusives which players can start catching today. But for those that aren't having any luck in finding that Porygon 2 or Blissey, they can actually evolve their existing Pokémon using the Key Items (a.k.a Evolution Items).

As of this moment, there are a handful of 11 different Gen 2 evolutions that are possible with the use of such evolution items. These are:

Porygon 2 - Use 50 Porygon candies and an Up-Grade on Porygon.
Crobat - Use 100 Zubat candies on Golbat.
Blissey - Use 50 Chansey candies on Chansey.
Steelix - Use 50 Onix candies and a Metal Coat on Onix.
Slowking - Use 50 Slowpoke and King's Rock on Slowpoke.
Bellossom - Use 100 Oddish candies and Sun Stone on Gloom.
Umbreon - Use 25 Eevee candies on Eevee and rename it to Tamao (only work once).
Espeon - Use 25 Eevee candies on Eevee and rename it to Sakura (only work once).
Politoed - Use 100 Poliwag candies and King's Rock on Poliwhirl.
Scizor - Use 50 Scyther candies and Metal Coat on Scyther.
Kingdra - Use 100 Horsea candies and Dragon Scale on Seadra.

Note that while the candies are specifically tailored to trigger the evolutions, the additive elements; or technically speaking, the evolution items, are essential in order to start the process (e.g. King's Rock or Sun Stone). This means that even if a player manages to obtain the right amount of candies to evolve Porygon to Porygon 2, he or she still need to seek out an "Up-Grade" which are randomly dropped in any PokeStops.

Niantic promises that more features are yet to come in the following weeks including the addition of more evolution items and shiny Pokémon. 

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