Overwatch Cheater Accidentally Plays Against Pro Players, Gets Savage Defeat

People say that karma hurts. Yes, that is true, for that is how the world balances itself. During one of the recent streams that happened over the server, Brandon "Seagull" Larned, an "Overwatch" pro player, has just assembled his team of fearsomely good players. They play for NRG.

Brady "Agilities" Giradi and Cristopher "GrimReality" Schaefer, who play for Immortals backed him up during the game. Together with them are Nathan "Miso" Lui, MoonMoon, and DSPStanky, who are also pro players just like the rest of the crew.

How The Pros Owned The Overwatch Cheater

During one of their rendezvous, they came up against someone who obviously was doing aimbotting. This person was doing it in order for him to boost his non-aimbotters team's ranks. The person was clearly cheating.

Yes, having a perfect and robot-assisted aim will surely be a big help in the game. However, if the player lacks the needed skills, he or she would surely be owned by the real pro gamers.

According to Kotaku, Seagull and his team were worried at first that they might lose to the team of the cheater. However, they realized that their worries will lead them nowhere, which is why they focused in on the cheater.

No Mercy Left

What happened during the Overwatch game was indeed a site to behold. This was simply because every time the player was up, they would hammer him down with no mercy at all.

Seagull played Pharah, and with it, he and his team easily cornered down the cheater from all angles. Hell literally rained on that poor aimbotting person.

According to Shack News, because there was no hope left for the cheater and his team, what they did was that they launched themselves off of the Oasis cannon. They were once again flocked by Seagull's team.

At the end, all that was left were bones. Surely, the experience was indeed a very enjoyable and memorable moment. Well, except for the Overwatch cheater.

This just shows that cheating will only lead to embarrassment. That same principle pretty much applies to anything, including gaming.

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