Injustice 2 Update: Closed Beta To End Next Week

By Noah Sanchez , Feb 19, 2017 12:38 AM EST

Bad news awaits for players who have not yet tried to play the Injustice 2 multiplayer beta, due to the fact that the game is already nearing to close its beta. This announcement also applies those who are already playing the Injustice 2 beta, as NetherRealm' creative director Ed Boon revealed recently that the beta will end next week, and players only have a few days left to play the game.

Injustice 2 beta will come to and end on February 21. The development team behind the game stated that the beta will last for a month, but it seems like that the team already got all the information they needed about the game. It is sad to know that not all Injustice fans got the chance to play the game after Ed Boon released a bunch of beta codes personally on twitter due to the fact that it was on a first come, first serve basis. While some are disappointed about this announcement, NetherRealm brought back the excitement after stating that they will reveal a new character next Thursday, February 23.

For players who haven't experiend the beta version, the actual game will come out on May 16. So players must not keep their heads down, for there is still a chance that the game's creators will release another beta before the actual game's release date. So for the meantime, fans should just wait and face the fact that the beta will be ending. However, they should also wait for the good news about the new characters, and hope that the developer will release another beta version the release date.

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