'The Great Wall' Falls Behind In US Premiere

By Karen L. Querubin , Feb 18, 2017 12:39 PM EST

"The Great Wall" , being the first American film entirely shot in China has imprinted its mark in history. However, despite its great reviews, the movie is sliding behind the box office charts.

"The Great Wall" Crumbling In The U.S. Charts

Despite good projections, and massive earnings of $171 Million in China, the movie is falling behind in the United States. The film which according to reviews, closely resembles "Lord of the Rings: Two Towers, earns around $17 million to $20 million from 3,325 theaters over the weekend. According to analysts, that is a substandard debut earnings for a film that is given $150-Million budget.

"The Great Wall" Being Considered As A "White Savior" Film

The movie stars Matt Damon as William, a connoisseured archer, who joins an unidentified army to protect humanity from the Taoties, who appears every six years to attack and obliterate mankind.

According to analysts, the movie is being considered a "white savior" film for it stars a "white character" given the task to save "non-whites" in facing annihilation. Critics also called out the creators of "The Great Wall' regarding it's hobbling justification in expanding the plot of the film.

Though a lot of moviegoers consider "The Great Wall" as a racist film, some reviewers stated that the film is really good and is not chauvinistic at all. According to reviews, besides Matt Damon's character who comprises valor and skill as a warrior, the film's three white characters are often portrayed as being less advanced - may it be morally or culturally and also considers money more important than anything else. On the other hand, the Chinese portrays a great deal of character with their courage, discipline, patriotism and willingness to die not just for their own country but for all humanity as well. The film, as reviews stated, also featured Matt Damon's character being transformed more of into an Asian character rather than the movie focusing on Damon's European origins.     

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