For Honor Character Guide: How To Conquer With The Conqueror

By Hauntress , Feb 18, 2017 02:47 PM EST

The Conqueror is truly a hero that has more depth to him than most of the characters in For Honor. He requires a deeper understanding from the player, a feat most beginner would find difficult. Anyone who wishes to conquer this bulky beast should know the difference between playing and committing. Here's a guide on how to use the Conqueror.

Getting To Know The Conqueror

Although the Conqueror is inherently slow, he makes up for it with his defense and superior blocking capabilities. He drains stamina quickly than most but has a great range and attack damage. His offensive shield attacks are unblockable but he's a highly defensive character.

His Superior Block can interrupt heavy and light attacks and cancel the enemy's chain, therefore rendering the follow-ups denied. He has charged attacks, which deal more damage after each level. Despite the amazing damage and range he can pull-off, trading blows with other enemies while expecting to win is impossible.

Due to his unbelievably slow attacks, button mashing with the Conqueror and hoping that any of those lands is almost always a guaranteed defeat, especially against faster enemies like Nobushi, Orochi and the Peacekeeper. The Conqueror is weak against aggressive players, especially if he himself tries to be aggressive as well. To do well as a Conqueror, the player needs to wait, read their opponent's moves, and utilize the tools at his immediate disposal that could potentially and definitively conquer the game.

How To Use The Conqueror

YouTuber HaasGaming says that Conscript's Attrition, Final Argument, and Reaper's Crush, although have delightful names, are the Conqueror's basic chains but have specific uses. These chains are suggested to be used sparingly or hardly ever at all. All of Conqueror's most useful tools in For Honor are all of his shield-based attacks, mainly Charging Shield Crush, Shield Bash, Shield Bash Mix Up and Shield Bash Riposte. It's best to revolve the combos and chains around these tools to masterfully use the Conqueror.

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