Top Video Game Myths and Conspiracies

Everywhere, myths exist. Same goes in the gaming world. This article runs down the top myths, legends, and conspiracies about video games.

The Tragic Deepwater Horizon Accident Predicted By The Game Fallout 3

Fallout fans already know that the game is all about post-apocalyptic Washington DC, wherein players can pick up different radio broadcasts. These radio broadcasts sometimes come in a form of morse code. In the game Fallout 3, there was a code that says "nine-four-five four-two-zero two-zero-one-zero", which means an accident in the gulf, several dead. Oil spill apparently averted. These numbers were the exact date of the Deepwater Horizon disaster that occurred 9:45 on April 4 (four), 2010 (two-zero). The message says that the spill had been "Averted" before it did more damage.

Squall's Death In Final Fantasy VIII

Try to remember the battle between Edea and squall in Final Fantasy VIII, wherein Squall was impaled by a large shard of ice, falling into void moments before the 1st disc ends. The team member of the squad did not mention anything about Squall's defeat, rather his miracle recovery and wounds from the ice shard. This puts together a theory that Squall was not been able to make it after the Edea boss fight. It concludes that the second disc was Squall's "Final Fantasy", also the second disc was a lot less grounded and became a dream-like quality which supports the Squall death theory.

The Pokemon Lavander Town And Children Suicide

Tons of rumors were heard from forum to forum about the darkest urban legend in the gaming world. After the Pokemon Red and Green was released in Japan, there was a rise in the number of cases of migraines and nausea in children, aged between 7 and 12. Others also commit suicide.

The said cause of these series of events was the background music that the children encounter in Lavander Town sections of these versions of Pokemon. Right Before the game was released worldwide Lavander town's background track was tuned lower to a less sinister octave that was said to nullify the effects of this scary track.

The original Lavander town BGM can be heard below.

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