What To Expect In Injustice 2 Mobile Game

"Injustice 2" just had its soft-launching in the Philippines, giving avid gamers enough time to try out the newly released game. What's really interesting about the mobile version of the game is that the characters that are not yet officially confirmed to appear in the original version are already in the mobile version.

According to WWG, Scarecrow and Cyborg are already playable characters in mobile. It might also feature the alternate costumes. The mobile version of Injustice 2 brings out the characters through the collectible cards that players accumulate as the game progresses.

Sneak Peak Into The Injustice 2 Console Version

These cards also feature the different looks that the Injustice 2 characters can have. However, it is still not sure whether the physical appearance and looks of the playable characters in the mobile game will be the same with the console version.

However, it could be a sneak peek into what the full console version has. According to Digital Trends, Scarecrow surprisingly wears a gas mask.

Surprising New Physical Looks

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman has more armor and Flash has a cool badass helmet. Batman is also seen in red and black colors, while Harley Quinn sports a classic look. The "Injustice 2" mobile game indeed ups the hype for the full console version of the game.

It would be highly recommended for enthusiastic players to first try out the game, as they wait for the "Injustice 2" console version to get released. "Injustice 2" will be released on May 16 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

The game's popularity has surely reached new high levels, thanks to the recent release of the "Injustice 2" mobile version. The chances of the console version being a big-time success have never been high than ever before, thanks to the mobile game.

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