Director Says Millions Still Play Skyrim And Fallout 4 Everyday

Todd Howard game director said that Bethesda Game Studios titles The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which was released in 2011 and Fallout 4 released in 2015 still have millions of fans playing the games every day. Skyrim’s playerbase has received a boost in interest after the game released a re-mastered version of the game last year. Fallout 4 has kept players coming back to the game with new updates.

Howard talks about returning to Skyrim and likened the experience as somewhat similar to seeing an old high school friend and realizing how much one missed spending time with each other. Howard also talked about the qualities of both Fallout 4 and Skyrim stating that Skyrim was more like letting the gamer forge their own story. Howard thinks that Skyrim is a little bit of finding one's own way while Fallout 4 is more of a specific story.

Howard says that they are very critical of their own stuff and when asked what Skyrim did better than Fallout 4, he stated that how the content was presented but both games have their strengths and weaknesses. Howard also talked about how telling stories in open-world games is among the things that they are thinking about for Bethesda Game Studios future projects.

Howard says that the developers have new ideas that they want to explore in the future because they feel that they really have not cracked on how to tell a better story in open-world games. He says that the game studio is really thinking on how to best proceed with future projects. Bethesda has already confirmed that Elder Scrolls VI is on the way although fans should not expect for the game to be out soon. The studio is also working on another mobile game following Fallout Shelter but is yet to be announced, as reported by GameSpot.

Howard, in a separate interview, also hinted about the possibility of having the two games on VR. He stated that the primary reason why the author is staying on the game will be because of Virtual Reality. The two titles may be coming out in VR and will be drawing in even more players, as published by Uproxx.

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