Top Video Game Myths and Conspiracies Part 2

After the horrors of Lavander town, predictions about the deepwater horizon, and Squall's death, a new list of video game myths was released. From bizarre fan made theories, up to the genuine stories, here are some of the most interesting and freaky gaming stories gathered so far.

The Polybius Game

During 1981, a new arcade machine became popular in Portland Oregon called Polybius. Players were reported to have a really violent addiction to the Polybius game. After some time, side effects like amnesia, insomnia nausea, and terrible nightmares occurred to those who had played the game. Players also suffered from an extreme aversion to video games, one player was even reported to become an anti-video game activist.

Every week, Men wearing black were said to open these machines and record its data. until one day these men in black took the arcade machine away and never returned. Rumors suggest that the game Polybius was a part of Project MKUltra, which was CIA's mind control program. Some also say that the CIA was testing the Polybius's psychoactive effects on unassuming players, while others say that the game was so glitchy and photosensitive epilepsy-inducing game.

The Fatal Berserk High Scorer's Sudden Death

One day, Two players named Jeff Dailey and Peter Burkowski, both successfully got a high score in the game Fatal Berserk of 16,660 points. They dropped dead seconds after making the high score due to cardiac arrest. Both players were said to have suffered from a case called "Sudden Death Syndrome", which was linked to an unknown heart condition which can be triggered by an elevated cardiac activity. Rumors say the death was caused by the scores of the players that contain the number of the beast 666.

The Crypt In the World Of Warcraft

There's a lot of hard evidence that the Crypt in WOW really exists. However, Blizzard is keeping silent about the place being real. In the original setup of the game of World of Warcraft, there was an abandoned dungeon, called the Karazhan Crypts. The place is closed from the rest of the game. Players saw a glitch that when they die outside the crypt, they will be resurrected inside the crypt, where piles of corpses were littered on the floor. One part of the map shows a series of inverted drowned figures, missing their hands and feet.

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