Reunion As 'Pink Floyd' Being Considered By Roger Waters And Nick Mason

By Marion Villareal , Feb 20, 2017 12:07 PM EST

Two of the former members of Pink Floyd recently reunited in an opening of a new exhibit in London. Both Roger Waters and Nick Mason are open to a possible reunion, but it looks like the third remaining surviving member of the band, David Gilmour, might not be up for the idea.

Roger Waters And Nick Mason Open To "Pink Floyd" Reunion; What About Gilmour?

Former members of the famous band in the 1980s known as the Pink Floyd, Roger Waters and Nick Mason recently reunited in London. After their performance, the two were asked if they were interested in ever having considered getting back together as a band and performing at the upcoming annual Glastonbury music festival to be held in Somerset, England. According to the band's former bassist and drummer, they are open to consideration if the opportunity comes for the group to come together again, although Mason said it might be highly unlikely for them to come together.

Gilmour And Waters Not In Friendly Terms; Still Talking On A Civil Basis Nonetheless

It has been confirmed that their former guitarist and singer, Gilmour is not in friendly terms with Waters. Pink Floyd performed for the last time with all four members, including their keyboardist Richard Wright back in 2005, since the latter died in 2008. The final album ever released by Pink Floyd was back in 2014, wherein Gilmour and Mason put together leftover tracks from "The Division Bell" which was released back in 1994. That was dedicated to their parted member, Richard Wright. The three remaining members performed altogether in 2011 when Waters performed at London 02's Arena. However, back in 2015, Gilmour admitted that he and Waters were no longer in good terms.

Although he stated that they still talk and that it has been better than it was when the feud started, it still wouldn't work out for them to come together again. Things have reportedly been different between the two and that they have both outgrown each other, claiming that people always change at some point in time. Nevertheless, they are both busy with their own careers and over time, a reunion might just come to light.

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