Big Crowds Gather At Saudi Arabia's First Ever Hosted Comic-Con

By Marion Villareal , Feb 20, 2017 12:22 PM EST

Saud Arabia has recently held their very first Comic-Con event, with many Arabs excitedly coming into the event having it the first time it has ever happened there. It was held for three days, launched by the government of Saudi Arabia itself.

Saudi Arabia Holds Its First Comic-Con; Arabs Were In Full Excitement During The 3-Day Event

The Comic-Con held in Saudi Arabia for the first time just recently was part of the government's initiative to bring more entertainment to the country. It already bans theaters and even public cinemas, thus organizing such event would greatly please its locals and have them enjoy the world of entertainment as well.

According to CNN, an Arab girl dressed as Bat Girl during the event couldn't hold her excitement to have attended such historic and iconic even in their country. She said that holding such has been a big move for Saudi, and it could ignite more change in the coming years.

An engineer and avid user of YouTube also came to the event dressed in rustic armor armed with a spear, at the age of 25. According to the attendee, once entering the tent, they felt like they were no longer in Saudi. It felt like a whole different world for them, especially the kind of culture that they have grown into. He and his friend documented the entire event and even uploaded this on YouTube, giving emphasis to the people's different kinds of costumes that certainly took an eye on everyone. Everyone interacted with each other in the event, especially since it was held for those who specifically love the art while growing up. There is a certain ambiance to the whole scenario that makes it worthwhile to go to.

Mix Of Genders; Males And Females Alike Being Emphasized During Comic-Con Yet Still Following Traditions

The mix of gender has been a great issue especially in a strictly Muslim country, wherein women don't normally hang out with men. However, the Comic-Con in Saudi Arabia has marked one of the greatest historical moments in the country, with genders mixed altogether in one tent. Of course, the females were still not allowed to take off their hijab with the men around, thus there is another tent intended for the females only so that they can take them off and show their full-on costume to the other females in the event. Nevertheless, it was still a life-altering moment.

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