Arrested Development: Netflix Season 4 Release Date And Easter Egg Roundup

The Arrested Development season 4 release date is almost upon us, and Netflix appears to be having a lot of fun in the run-up to season 4 with several cute and clever "Easter eggs" planted throughout the Netflix library.  

Arrested Development season 4 will premiere on Netflix May 26, but in the meantime, Netflix has planted several Easter eggs on its site to keep anxious fans engaged. We've rounded up some of our favorites:

Arrested Development Netflix Easter eggs: Blue Handprints

If you search for anything on Netflix with the word "blue" in the title, you might stumble on a cute Arrested Development season four Easter egg that pasted little blue handprints all over the search page. This is a reference to Arrested Development's season two premiere, "The One Where Michael Leaves."

Arrested Development Netflix Easter eggs: Bananas for Stars

Add Arrested Development to your instant queue. When you go to rate it, you'll notice that in place of stars, there are five bananas. The reference should be obvious: "There's always money in the banana stand!"

Arrested Development Netflix Easter eggs: Fake Movies and TV Shows

Netflix has added numerous fake movies and TV shows to its library to tease Arrested Development season 4. Splitsider has done a great job of aggregating these, along with descriptions, and we've reposted our favorites below:

Girls with Low Self Esteem: Newport Beach
Sunshine and self-esteem issues collide as drunken, scantily-clad co-eds with low self-worth and absolutely no shame hit Spring Break in Southern California. It's a wild, weekend adventure that you'll never forget ... but they'll wish they could.  

Families with Low Self Esteem
Tobias Funke, the semi-renowned Freudian analyst/therapist and former chief resident of psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital, provides counseling to families deep in crisis in this deeply probing and emotionally uplifting series.

Les Cousins Dangereux
To escape the scorn of their disapproving families, two cousins flee to a sleepy, provincial town in France but are forced to hide their incestuous affair from the prying eyes of local villagers in this awkward tale of forbidden romance.

Ready, Aim... Marry Me!
After an acrimonious parting of ways with fellow Nazi hunter, Red McGibbon, Bullet shows he's nobody's sidekick by flying solo in search of comedic adventures. But along the way he discovers romance in the arms of a sassy socialite.

Caged Wisdom: Musings from Prison
Based on his book, "Musings From Prison," George Bluth presents the latest collection from his ongoing series of life lessons and motivational discourses on the Jewish faith, all while incarcerated at the Orange County Prison.

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