Conor Mcgregor Again Takes Jab At Mayweather, The Fight Is On?

Conor Mcgregor is not new in creating headlines and so as Floyd Mayweather. However, as of the moment, it seems that Conor Mcgregor is having the upper hand as he tries to mock the undefeated champ.

Mcgregor Continues To Insult Mayweather

The rumor about Conor Mcgregor and Floyd Mayweather started when The Notorious started mocking the pound for pound king. Conor Mcgregor who just won his fight against Eddie Alvarez started talking about him being the best. He didn’t shy away when he even mentioned Floyd Mayweather. Conor Mcgregor thinks that fighting Floyd Mayweather will be the easiest in his career. The current UFC lightweight champion also stated that he will knock out Mayweather and show why he is the greatest of all time.

Mayweather With The Counter

Floyd Mayweather didn’t back down with Conor Mcgregor’s claim. Actually, there was a time when Mayweather was doing Snapchat or Facebook live where he attacked Mcgregor. The pound for pound king stated that he will slap the hell out of Mcgregor. He kept mocking Mcgregor when he quit the fight against Nate Diaz. He also claimed that Mcgregor’s legacy is nothing compared to him. Mayweather didn’t stop as he started insulting Dana White. He stated that White used to carry Mayweather’s bag and how he became somebody because of him.

The Fight Is On?

Freddie Roach also thinks that the fight will happen because of the hype that they are doing right now. Legendary sports analyst also stated that Mcgregor and Mayweather will be like the event with Pacquiao. It took years for them to finalize the match and the match didn’t live up the hype. Other’s already made their decision on who are they going to pick if the fight happens. If its MMA fight, it would be Mcgregor, if boxing, they have to go with Mayweather.

Conor Mcgregor has the last laugh for now. When he arrived in Vegas, he stated that Mayweather retired twice when he heard the news that he is coming and he shouted f*** Mayweather.

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