Few Parents Feel They Help Kids Eat Healthy

Keeping kids healthy can be hard for parents. Parents would want their kids to eat healthy. However, few parents feel they help kids to eat healthy.

Parents know that it is important to make their children eat healthy food. There are challenges, though, that can keep parents from letting their children eat healthy food. Some of those challenges include food prices and convenience. Kids can be choosy when it comes to food as well.

Parents also face other things such as work and scheduling. These are some of the challenges that have been found in a study by researchers from the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children's Hospital. The survey is the National Poll on Children's Health.

Poll co-director Sarah Clark has said that most parents agree that children should eat healthy. There is a struggle though between parents who try to keep children healthy, and children who would want to eat what they want. The poll, though, has found that one in five parents still don't think it's important to limit junk food.

Most parents do not see its importance due to convenience. There is less stress and less expense in buying junk food as well, according to the University of Michigan's site. This can easily become the norm for many parents, making it harder for them to get children to stop eating junk food.

The study has also found that a number of parents don't know what could be healthy for kids. As much as almost half of parents say that they cannot tell what food is good for kids. This can add to the confusion when it comes to nutrition, as Science Daily reports.

Parents from local income levels also say that there is not enough healthy food where they shop. This can make children from local income households to eat more junk food. Clark has said that parents need help in shopping and meal preparation so that it would not be too hectic for them.

Keeping kids to eat healthy can be a challenge to parents. Few parents feel they help kids to eat healthy. A study shows that candy and gum additives can be harmful.

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