Pokemon GO Update: Eggs May Without Moving While Niantic Removes Trading Feature

By Shayne Caravana , Feb 21, 2017 04:22 PM EST

It may sound impossible but loyal players of Pokemon GO have figured out a way to hatch the eggs using GPS. This would somehow compensate the bad news about the removal of trading since Gen 2 creatures have been released.

Hatch Eggs Faster In Pokemon GO

Moving is required when players hatch their eggs in Pokemon GO. However, players discovered that using GPS will save their efforts in moving. According to BGR, players noticed the glitch in the tracking system in the game.

Due to the inaccuracy of the GPS in Pokemon GO, players took advantage of the problem to sit around the room but still, indicates that they are in a different place. One Reddit subscriber said that when he is at work, the satellite cannot identify his location.

Also, players noticed that GPS drift is more effective depending on what phone they are using. Samsung users have observed that their eggs hatch faster using S7 and S7 Edge.

Trading Has Been Removed In Pokemon GO

On the other hand, since the release of Gen 2 Pokemon in the game, Niantic has disabled trading. As per Express, the code present during the beta game has been removed that is why players cannot trade monsters.

Niantic may bring back this feature back in Pokemon GO but it won't happen anytime soon. However, some data miners said that there are traces of the trading codes in the game.

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