College Student Makes His Own Self-Driving Honda Car For Just $700

Several reports have circulated that Brevan Jorgenson, a college student, has successfully converted his Honda Civic into a self-driving car. The wiz kid has recently taken his grandma for a ride in his modified Civic and showed just how a homemade device in place of the rear-view mirror could be able to control the accelerator, steering, and the brakes.

College Student Makes Breakthrough Invention

Jorgenson used a camera that would then identify road markings and other cars, according to Value Walk. Jorgenson, a senior student at the University of Nebraska, made a breakthrough that hasn't been done before after he converted his Honda Civic into a self-driving auto.

Jorgenson even joked that his grandmother "wasn't really flabbergasted-I think because she has seen so much from technology by now that this doesn't surprise her that much anymore."

New Breakthrough Catches People's Attention

The boy claims that others have been impressed and shocked after seeing the device he made by means of using plans and software downloaded straight from the Internet, which only cost him somewhere around $700. Jorgenson also stated that he could not even convince his girlfriend to take a ride in the car, as she does not have full faith in his self-made technology, though he is fully certain that his invention does work.

The Self-Driving Craze

According to MIT Technology Review, many big and small auto and tech companies have started testing modified and self-driving cars over the past couple of years. The motivation to do such comes from the thrill and challenge of pulling off the technology, getting it to work and making it even simpler.

Kiki Jewell, another tech enthusiast who is also working on converting her Chevy Bolt into a self-driving car as a learning experience, stated that her husband has been quite supportive, as he is also very much interested in the self-driving concept.

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