How To Build Testosterone Naturally -- Health Experts Give Tips

Testosterone can be built naturally just by practicing a healthy lifestyle, experts say. The effects of having low levels of this hormone include feeling less energetic, low sex drive, weight gain, and even diabetes. However, health experts say that men don't need to race to their doctors if they are feeling mysteriously fatigued since there are five natural ways that men can try before getting the hormone therapy.

Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone in men and women, but is more pronounced in men. It is responsible for facial hair, deep voice, elevated libido, and muscles. Its production is increased during puberty and gradually slows down when you hit mid-30.

It is during this stage in life that men have to start building testosterone naturally. According to NBC 2, first of all, men should try to lose their belly fat since it makes estrogen in both men and women, and if estrogen is up, testosterone is usually down. "So staying in good physical condition is important,” Dr. Heather Auld, who specializes in integrative medicine, recommends.

Next is to get enough sleep and try to manage stress since these two health variables can also decrease testosterone. Another tip is to avoid alcohol since it contributes to your fat belly, which as mentioned earlier, is a great source of estrogen. Doctors also recommend eating a healthy balanced diet to help regulate the hormones, The Globe and Mail reports.

Other important ways to build testosterone naturally are avoiding sweets since sugar can actually sap the hormone. Research shows that high intensity workouts such as squats, deadlifts, bench pressing and chin-ups, also tend to have big effects on testosterone production. The bottom line is to give your body what it needs to stay healthy, and to consider hormone replacement therapy only as a last resort since it also comes with health risks.

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