UFO Alert Or Just A Camera Glitch? Alleged UFO Has Just Been Seen On The Set Of ‘The Walking Dead’

Apart from being a hit American TV series, it looks like The Walking Dead fans are more interested to know what was behind Rick Grimes in one of the scenes. Walking dead fand were left squinting at their TV screens last night, trying to figure out what they'd just seen to be flying across the sky behind Rick Grimes. After an epic fight scene with some kind of weird creature, the protagonist, Rick Grimes, has been seemingly trying to catch up with his breath and grinning in the middle of a junkyard wasteland.

UFO Or Just A Camera Glitch?

According to reports revealed by Metro, little did other people know that observant viewers had already seen and somewhat got distracted by a dark, UFO-looking dot flying up into the sky. Basing from a close-up of the clip that has been uploaded to Twitter, it has even appeared to show three separate dots flying from the right side of the frame towards Rick's head. Surprisingly however, Rick and the other crew members did not notice any of this leading some viewers to speculate the dots might have been caused by a special effects error.

Furthermore, as per OK! Magazine, as Rick was cheering with his fellow survivors in the set of the TV series, something in the background of the scene really got people talking. Additionally, some people said that it wouldn't be possible for anyone in the new world to be flying a plane nor a flying, so it can't have been deliberate. Moreover, while the majority has been convinced that the object was just a plane that has been missed during filming and editing, it certainly didn't stick with the continuity of the show.

Viewer's Perspective

Meanwhile, moments after the alleged UFO was spotted, several Twitter users have tweeted about the mysterious object as to what could it be. Some were sceptics and some were baffled about the said sighting. Ultimately, it was found that a number of viewers have also claimed that earlier in the episode they could see cars driving in the background, which seems unusual for the WD universe.


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