'Lucifer' Season 2: Lucifer And Azrael Are Blood-Related? Season 3 Already Announced?

"Lucifer" season 2 is currently on a long hiatus, but this does not keep speculations from coming out. In a recent post of a "Lucifer" fan, it was hinted that Lucifer and Azrael are siblings and that the character will soon be introduced in the show. Meanwhile, "Lucifer" has already gotten its season 3 renewal despite the lawsuit that FOX is facing.

FOX has ordered "Lucifer" to go on a three-month hiatus, but it has been reported that the show will continue airing episodes on May 1. The show though is continuously linked to controversies, but this has not kept the network from renewing the arguably successful series.

The show left off with episode 13 titled "A Good Day to Die" which recorded over six million total viewers. Following "Lucifer's" large fandom, reports say that FOX found the series worthy of renewal, hence ordered a 22-episode season 3 which was announced last week. The network though still needs to handle the court charges against the "Lucifer's" alleged copyright infringement of the show's title music.

Meanwhile, a fan has tweeted an update on Lucifer Morningstar, saying that Azrael has lost her blade and that she is the angel of death and the sister of the former. The post was then reportedly retweeted by the show's writers, basically confirming the relationship of the two. Furthermore, a wiki site for "Lucifer" noted that Azrael is indeed the sister of the titular character and Uriel. Fans then expect that Azrael will be properly introduced in the show on future episodes.

Spoilers for "Lucifer" season 2, episode 14 suggest that the chapter will pick up from Lucifer's flee, but will also see him going back in town. From the previous episode, Lucifer made a big effort to save Chloe from a supposed poison injected in her by Carlisle. And to find the antidote, he needs to die to go back to hell. However, he found out that Chloe is a set up planned by his father and that Charlotte is manipulating Lucifer into turning on his father. Following these revelations, the devil chose to walk out of town.

A more anticipated episode is reportedly going to be the 16th chapter where God Johnson will be introduced. Spoilers say that Lucifer will try to prove that he is a fraud, but God holds secrets that only the devil's father know.

"Lucifer" season 2 will return with its episode 14 on May 1 at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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