‘One Piece’ Chapter 857 Spoilers: Ultimate Showdown Between Straw Hat Pirates And Big Mom Turns Sanji And Pudding’s Wedding Into A Battlefield?

"One Piece" chapter 857 will offer something big that the readers will enjoy. The "Whole Cake Island" story arc will continue but things may not turn up as expected in the upcoming wedding of Sanji and Pudding. Instead of levity and celebration, a battle might spark between the warring parties.

The Wedding Will Become A Battlefield

Some spoilers of "One Piece" chapter 857 suggest that the Whole Cake Island will become a battlefield. Big Mom will be attacked by the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies. This was implied in the previous chapter when Sanji and Luffy reunited. They also agreed that they will wreak havoc in the wedding of Sanji to Pudding.

The Straw Hat Pirates Will Attack Big Mom

But Jinbe and the rest of the Pirates are also planning an attack on Big Mom. He informed the Pirates about the wedding plans of Big Mom. Jinbe also told them that Pekoms is okay. However, they need to act soon if they want to save him. But to do that, they have to stop the wedding.

Therefore, in "One Piece" chapter 857, the Pirates along with Jinbe will devise their plans to scuttle the wedding. Inevitably, their plans will transform the wedding and Whole Cake Island into one big battlefield. In addition, the Vinsmoke clan is also planning their own attack. They thought of using Sanji as bait. Luffy appears to have allowed this tactic.

Big Mom Also Plans To Kill The Vinsmokes In "One Piece" chapter 857

On her part, Big Mom has a plan of her own to kill the Vinsmokes. The Vinsmokes are not aware of this, but Luffy and Sanji could inform them about this since there is still time. However, since the Pirates and Vinsmokes don't see eye to eye, the latter may ignore the warning and risk their lives.

The Upcoming Chapter Will Be Filled With Blood

This is what fans of "One Piece" chapter 857 will have to wait for. It is not certain who gets hurt and who gets out of it alive. But one thing is sure: the upcoming chapter will be full of blood because of the battle that will transpire. This chapter will be released next week.

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