'Baby Daddy' Cast Get Matching Tattoos In Celebration Of The Show's 100th Episode

By Marion Villareal , Feb 22, 2017 05:15 PM EST

One of America's greatest sitcoms, "Baby Daddy" recently aired their 100th episode and is now prepping for the upcoming season six to premiere next month. Now, find out what the entire cast of the show did to commemorate the joyous moment of reaching 100 episodes.

Cast Of "Baby Daddy" Get Matching Tattoos To Celebrate 100th Episode On Television

"Baby Daddy" season six is already set to premiere next month, but the show recently aired their 100th episode. In celebration of such joyous moment, the entire cast of the show decided to get a uniform tattoo that is significant to them and the family that they have built in the series. Thus for the design, they opted for a safety pin, which is the logo for the show since it's about a single dad raising his baby alone with the help of his family and friends. In commemoration of one of their greatest milestone in their career lives, they decided to all get matching tattoos.

According to actor Tahj Mowry who plays Tucker in the show, he feels that reaching the 100th episode is a monumental feature in the world of television. Despite having been in the business for about 20 years already, this is the first time that he has encountered such milestone. According to reports, actor Jean-Luc Bilodeau who plays the role of Ben Wheeler, the actual "Baby Daddy," was the one who initially planned on getting a tattoo for himself in honor of the show. When he pitched the idea to the rest of the casts, he was surprised that they all jumped on board on his proposal. Thus, everyone then decided to get the tattoo.

Derek Theler Gets First Ever Tattoo For The Love Of "Baby Daddy" And The Family He Found In The Cast

For actor Derek Theler who plays Ben's brother Danny on the show "Baby Daddy," this was going to be the first time for him to get a tattoo. Expectedly, he was reluctant at first. However, considering that this is indeed a great milestone in their lives, he finally decided to do it. According to the actor, there was no better time in his life to have his first ever tattoo than with the family that he has been working with for years.
"Baby Daddy" returns for season six on March 13, 2017.

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