Katy Perry Abandons Thorny BRIT Awards Red Carpet Interview

By Karen L. Querubin , Feb 23, 2017 12:36 PM EST

Famous "Roar" singer Katy Perry has just attended the BRIT Awards to perform her latest single. The singer is now the focus of media attention but not for the right reasons.

Katy Perry Suddenly Walked Out During An Interview At The Brit Awards

Katy Perry took a stop to have an interview with Lilah Parsons and George Shelley at the O2 Arena for the BRIT Awards. During the talk, Katy declared that she was ecstatic to perform and admitted that she was also taking pills to cope up with nervousness. "It's chapter two of what I did at the Grammys, I think. It's the next kind of little storyline narrative and I'm feeling excited about it - very free." the singer stated.

Katy Perry Is Using "Pills" To Cope Up With Nerves

As the interview proceeded, Katy was then asked if she still feels nervous whenever she performs. The singer then replied with "I take pills for that stuff! Hello! No... I have butterflies" then Katy continued by stating that she also wants to meet the famous singer Ed Sheeran but was cut by George Shelley and stated: "He's in there. Well, we won't keep you too long."
"Fine! I'll leave." Perry responded. To make matters more unpleasant, Lilah then uttered their intent not to keep Katy any longer. Katy then responded by saying ""You're going to let me go?","I'm firing you, I'm firing you."

Katy's BackUp Dancer Fell Off The Stage

This day may not be a really good day for Perry for after the interview, the singer then prepped a few minutes after to perform onstage. During the Katy's performance, the audience's scrutiny were immediately captured when one of her backup dancers dressed as a house fell off stage. This incident caused media frenzy and was instantly compared to her Super Bowl performance when a backup dancer dressed as a shark fell completely out of place.

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