Famous Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge In China: Did It Really Collapse? The Real Story Emerges

By Dante Noe Raquel II , Feb 23, 2017 01:47 PM EST

There is a gruesome video circulating online recently allegedly saying, a bridge in China named the Zhangjaijie glass bridge collapsed. As per video and reports, as people were crossing it, the bridge collapsed leading to several injuries with less than five killed. Yet, there is news saying that it was not actually the glass bridge that collapsed, but a different one. Question is, which version of the story is telling the truth?

Speculations Of A Bridge Collapse Ended Deaths And Casualties

Earlier this week, a video went viral in social media showing lots of casualties on a river as people around the area can be heard crying. It was not clear as to where the accident occurred, but some claims that it was the famous glass bridge in China that broke down. With its height of 300m above a canyon, the bridge collapsing like that would certainly take a lot of lives.

Accordingly, the clip that spread online received various reactions from those who have seen it. Most of them are sympathizing to those who have lost their loved ones. But for some, it was more like inquisitive. It was said that the strength of the structure, which has just opened in August 2016 can take even a sledgehammer. Does that mean the $3.4-million glass bridge is not strong enough to last a year?

Meanwhile, there are some who clarified the situation about the alleged video. According to the report, the bridge that collapsed in the video was not the Zhangjiajie glass bridge in China. It was a suspension bridge in Vietnam which broke down three years ago. Moreover, the accident is said to have killed three people immediately, unlike what the video is portentous that more than 10 people have died.

What Happened To The Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge?

Apparently, nothing really happened to the famous bridge. It still stands firm in the Hunan Province. However, it has been closed from the public since September 2016. As per reports, it is mainly because of the irresistible number of visitors per day. Therefore, the government is forced to do urgent maintenance exertion.

As of articles that might talk about the incident, there is no incident recorded yet that involves the China's glass bridge. There is also no information available as to when the overpass will be opened. This event, though, is a proof that people should verify first the information they see on the internet before believing it. The fake news appears regularly online so be vigilant in what to believe.

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