iOS 10 Got To 79% Of Apple Users, Beats iOS 9's Performance

Five months after its initial release, the iOS 10 has been installed in 79 percent of the iOS devices. This data is from the Apple statistics that have been shared with the developers. As per the new info, the latest iOS version has surpassed its predecessor's adaptation performance, which by the same point in 2016, has only reached 77 percent of the iOS devices.

iOS 10's Quick User-Adaptation

The iOS 10's adaptation rate is practically a big improvement over past iOS versions. It's worth noting that it took the iOS 8 six months to reach the current figures of the iOS 10. Nevertheless, Apple did not share its opinions as to why the iOS 10 was quickly embraced by its customers. One possible reason though, is the high-volume sales of the iPhone 7 series that came in with the iOS 10 system pre-installed.

iOS 10's Improvements

The iOS 10 may have also brought in great improvements that enticed users to download it immediately. The new system version provided Siri and Maps upgrades alongside a dedicated Home app. Additionally, the Messaging app also received the upgrade that it has been missing for years. What used to be a very simple messaging app has now turned into something that's on par with other mainstream messengers.

On top of the improved Messages app, the notification system of the iOS was also changed for the better. Media previews, together with inline message replies, both have turned the iOS into a more user-friendly system than it already was. With that said, there's a good chance that the reason for iOS 10's success is the fact that people love the new update.

Unfortunately for Google, Android isn't having the time of its life when talking about system adaptation rates. Apparently, not a lot of Android devices are running Nougat. In fact, as per Digital Trends, only 1.2 percent of the devices have the latest Android version. This, of course, may be more attributed to the slow roll-out of the update instead of the users' preference.

iOS Users' Preferred System Version

As mentioned above, 79 percent of iOS users are using the iOS 10 version. This brings in the question of the remaining 21 percent's iOS version of choice. As per Apple Insider, 16 percent of the devices run iOS 9 and 5 percent of the devices are on earlier system versions. It's also worth pointing out though, that some of the people who are on iOS 9 or older systems may be using devices that cannot be upgraded to iOS 10, such as the iPhone 4S.

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