Netflix Original Movie 'Blame!' Gets New Trailer, Premieres In May 2017

By Rae Mendez , Feb 24, 2017 03:20 AM EST

Netflix has finally announced that its upcoming original movie, “Blame!” has been slated to release on May 20. It has also released a new trailer for the said animated film adaptation. The new trailer features new footage and reveals more of the movie’s characters and story.

The new trailer for “Blame!” finally puts the spotlight on the original story’s main characters, Killy and Cibo. Killy was introduced in the first official trailer but in this new one, fans can see more of him in action. Killy wields the powerful weapon called Gravitational Beam Emitter and he wanders around a vast world called The City where he searches for a possibly extinct genetic marker called Net Terminal Genes, which is said to be the key to restoring order to the world.

Cibo, who is shown in the first scenes of the new trailer, is a skilled scientist who joins Killy in his quest for Net Terminal Genes. The plot of the movie is based on the original manga series but it has been fused with an additional set of characters to show an original but related story. The “Blame!” film introduces a girl named Zuru, who had to rely on Killy for survival after a Safeguard pack pursued her. Zuru comes from a small community called Electro-Fishers and for her village to survive, she and her comrades went on a journey to find food.

As a Netflix original film, it will be streamed exclusively on its site but the movie has also been set for a theatrical release in Japan, which will run for two weeks only. “Blame!” is a film adaptation of the cyberpunk manga of the same title created by Tsutomo Nihei. A CGI-rendered movie was initially planned in 2007 for the said manga series but the plans did not push through when the studio that handled it then filed for bankruptcy.

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