Top 3 Reasons To Get Excited About Mass Effect Andromeda

By Alvin Elfwine , Feb 24, 2017 07:56 AM EST

Sure, a good number of fans are pretty much excited about Mass Effect Andromeda. However, it can't be denied that there are those who are still skeptical about. They believe that the third installment in the titular franchise won't make a good name. Well, either way, there are still some good reasons why fans need to be excited about it. 

As of this writing, little has been known about Mass Effect Andromeda. But of course, that doesn't mean people will have to sit in the corner and wait. This is why tons of rumors and whatnots have surfaced, keeping the momentum of the forthcoming game alive. Well, without further ado, here's the first reason.

A Brand New World

In reality, the name of the title Mass Effect Andromeda already speaks of it. It basically, well, takes place in a galaxy of sorts called Andromeda. This only means one thing -- players will be exploring a new environment; a new surrounding to explore the universe. From new breed of aliens to an entirely new civilization, the third installment is definitely going to introduce a whole new world.

It's true that Mass Effect Andromeda will somewhat be a fresh start. It's something that, especially for new players, people will have to go through the lore of the franchise for the first time. Apparently, though, there are elements, particularly the famous ones, that have failed to take part in the forthcoming game, as reported by Geek. Nevertheless, this is going to be a steal.

A Massive Galaxy To Explore

Aside from the fact (as mentioned above) that Mass Effect Andromeda offers a new galaxy, this one here isn't relatively small. Why? That's because it's shaped to be a big one. Think of all the synonyms of massive, that's exactly what this galaxy will be. But unlike before, the new title is all about the greater degree of diversity. This only means that new kinds of challenges, puzzles, and whatnots are to be expected. And in terms of numbers, they're going to be plenty.

Moreover, Mass Effect Andromeda promises to let players traverse the vast landscapes of the galaxy. And hey, it's simply not by walking or whatever. In the official gameplay trailer of the game, players will be going from Point A to Point B by way of using gigantic space vehicles. Let alone the thrill that those built-in jetpacks offer. This will be a combination of action and adventure, all set in a far, far away galaxy.

A Unique Kind Of Story

In every game, storylines play a significant part. Luckily for the entire fans, this is the main gist of Mass Effect Andromeda. It'll basically offer a standalone story, one that's different compared to the ones mentioned in the previous titles. This title won't depend on the existence of the past storylines. Instead, it'll stand on its own and offer a different perspective. This one here is one of the main reasons why players will definitely try this game. It's different. It's unique. And, more importantly, it's different from what they've seen from the franchise so far.

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