Apple Begins A Major Expansion In Microsoft´s Territory

Cupertino firm Apple is planning to make a major expansion of its engineering operations in Seattle.  The tech giant is looking forward to establishing the satellite office as a hub for making future artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies for famous products like the Apple Watch, MacBook, the iPhone and any other Apple devices and services.

Apple Is Betting A Lot In Microsoft´s Backyard

This major expansion will bolster an interesting relationship with researchers at the University of Chicago, which announced on Thursday a $1 million endowment named after computer scientist Carlos Guestrin, a remarkable member of Apple´s machine learning team. Guestrin explained that the company is trying to find the best professionals that are excited about artificial intelligence and machine learning, in order to bring the greatest ideas into products that delight the customers.

Naturally, this represents a quite interesting situation in the tech world, given the fact that Seattle has always been characterized for being Microsoft's territory.  With this, it seems possible that Apple´s presence would open another exciting competition against this major company. In fact, Apple´s actions in this place have been really clever in order to make the proper connections in its tech community so its presence could get stronger.

Conquering Seattle Is Another Proof Of Apple´s Growth

Considering that this city already had the presence of Microsoft and Amazon, luring the most efficient artificial intelligence research to tech companies has become something so competitive that some universities are having a rough time to keep their staff. Actually, an interesting detail is that while Apple´s artificial intelligence research takes place globally, Washington state has been living the fastest growth outside California for Apple´s staff in the last two years.

Of course, this is something that clearly shows the way in which Apple keeps rising since, in addition to the conquering of Microsoft´s territory.  The Cupertino giant's growth is also proved in its recently unveiled Apple´s spaceship in California, and a gigantic 500,000-square-foot office in London.

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