Beyonce Drops Coachella But Promised To Perform On 2018

After gracing the courts of the NBA All Star Game together with her five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy and famous rapper husband, Jay Z, the expectant mother of twins is now again making headlines after declining to perform in Coachella 2017. Coachella is considered a grand event for both audience and performers as well for it is named as the world's biggest and most profitable festival.

Beyonce Was Advised By Her Doctor Not To Take Part In The Festive Event

Beyonce's fans were saddened when news of the expectant mother of twins not performing in Coachella 2017 was announced thru the annual music festival's official social media page. According to reports, the singer was advised by her doctor to keep a lighter schedule over the following months till she gives birth. Because of her Doctor's recomendation, the singer decided to drop presenting at the 2017 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. After the disheartening announcement, the show's producers then announced that Queen Bey will take part on the event in 2018.

It was last January when the news about Beyonce performing at the Coachella this year came out. However, weeks after the announcement, Beyonce then posted a picture of herself on Instagram with a bare baby bump stating that she and husband are expecting twins.

Tickets To Coachella Dropped To Twelve Percent After Beyonce' Denounced Her Part Due To Doctor's Advise

Due to the Queen's pregnancy, the famous icon decided to drop performing at Ccoachella. Because of the dreading news, ticket prices immediately dropped to twelve percent. Tickets that were initially selling with an average price of $978 suddenly dropped to $872 as soon as news of the "Queen" came out. According to the shows producer, "There's no [female artist] with that kind of iconic status, who also appeals to young kids right now," the producer also added that Beyonce is definitely the "exclamation" point in the bill and that the "Queen" really is the perfect artist to have.

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