RCS Is Google's Response To iOS' iMessage, Expands To 27 More Carriers And Manufacturers

As time passes by, people have become more and more dependent on smartphone messaging apps. Not only are these apps more fun than texting, they have also become a more affordable option for people who communicate long-distance. With that, Google is developing its very own Android Messages to make sure that it also offers a native messaging experience to its users, much like Apple's native iMessage.

The iMessage app from the iOS is pretty much the top rival of all messaging apps, at least for the iOS platform. The iMessage incorporates data/WiFi messaging with SMS and MMS. This makes it easier for the users to stick with one app instead of switching between different messengers. With that said, Google is also innovating its own Android Messages app to ensure that its users get the same experience as the iOS users.

Google's Android Messages 2017

Google has just announced that it is taking a big step forward with its strategy to bring in a native and enhanced messaging service to the Android platform. The Android-company has announced that 27 more OEMs and carriers have signed on to be a supporting partner for RCS or Rich Communications Services.

RCS is Google's initiative to bring in more dynamic features to its messaging app. This includes group-chats, high-resolution image sharing, typing indicators and read receipts among many others. These features that are normally found in third-party messenger apps will now be set as default features on the native Android Messages SMS app.

As per Tech Crunch, new carrier partners include Vodafone, Globe, Orange and Deutsche Telekom. The new OEM partners on the other hand includes LG, Sony, ZTE, Sony, Cherry Mobile and many others. Overall, Google will be working with the carriers to provide Android users a unified service across devices.

How To Get The New Android Messages By Google

Google's new announcement means that the supporting carriers and phone makers will pre-load Android Messages on the new smart devices. For the mobile phones that have already been released however, users would need to download the upgraded app via an update. Google is continuously working towards innovation and this update to the Android Messages is just one of the company's steps in improving its users' experience.

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