Amazon Confirms Release Of God Of War 4 This Year, Not 2018

Last year's E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) was the debut of Sony's upcoming title called God of War 4, a new installment to the critically acclaimed franchise. But ever since that, the details and whatnots of the game were little to none. The tech giant is indeed serious with their promise to keep the title under wraps as possible as they can. However, the release date of the game may have possibly been hinted.

According to SegmentNext, the release date of God of War 4 has been hinted in its official Amazon store page. While there's no confirmation or whatsoever, it's a sign of when Kratos will finally arrive. It's worth noting that the title -- being a Sony exclusive -- is only meant to be released to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Pro.

Apparently though, as seen on the aforementioned online store, there's no exact date as to when God of War 4 will release. However, it's clearly stated there that the forthcoming title will soon arrive anytime this year. This somehow contradics the notion that the title will instead arrive in 2018. Regardless, the anticipation for the fourth God of War installment is indeed ballooning.

It should be noted that Amazon released a poll to which God of War 4 is one of the choices. The popular online store asked the gaming community which titles they're excited for this year. Along with the aforesaid game are Horizon Zero Down and Red Dead Redemption 2. (The company basically unveiled only 3 selections).

God of War 4 is confirmed to introduce a brand new gameplay (combat system to be exact). But unlike in the previous titles, the protagonist here named Kratos is in a much older shape. He's also accompanied by his son, as he's a father here. Actual features and release date of the game still remains a mystery. If Amazon's information is proven true, then fans can really expect the game to arrive within this year.

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