Apple Taps 5 Teams As It Gets Serious With Wireless Charging

By Edge Ison , Feb 25, 2017 02:31 AM EST

Apple is going full steam in its quest to get rid of charging cables. The tech giant is said to have at least 5 teams working on different ways of accomplishing wireless charging.

Apple recently joined the Wireless Power Consortium which, for many, is a clear indication of the company's interest in the technology. The tech company tried to curb the excitement, however, by simply stating that it joined the WPC because it is "an active member of many standards development organizations" and that it wants to contribute ideas and be part of collaborative developments. According to reports, at least five groups are working on wireless technology for Apple. It is not clear what exactly the teams are working on.

Wireless charging is not a new concept for Apple. It already uses the technology with the Apple Watch while the iPhone 8 is rumored to utilize it as well. The Apple Watch utilizes the Qi standard as its power adapter which attaches to the back of the smartwatch via magnet. Some third-party companies have wireless charging devices specifically made for Apple products such as Mophie's Juice Pack Air for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Mophie previously released juice packs for the iPhone 6.

CNET cited the potential benefits of wireless charging not only to mobile devices but even to electric cars. Starbucks already has branches with wireless charging pads attached to tables. Disney recently announced that its research arm has successfully built a room in which mobile devices are automatically charged once placed inside. Wireless charging tech is currently on the rise but with Apple leading the way, the technology may finally get off the ground.

Back in January, Apple partnered with Lite-On Semiconductor Corp. in its effort to have wireless charging support for its devices. The small company from Taipei will provide Apple with GPP bridge rectifiers, a component necessary for wireless power transmission and for decreasing thermal issues.

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