Stroke Care Given Much Faster To Men Than Women

Stroke can disable people. People who have stroke would require care and management in order for them to regain movement. Stroke care has been found to be much faster for men than women.

Long term disability is one of the results of people who suffer a massive stroke. A study has found that men will more likely to get treatment within 30 minutes. For stroke victims, every minute is crucial for a better chance of recovery.

The treatment for stroke victims is a medicine that can reduce clots called tissue plasminogen activator, or tPA. tPA must be given within 4.5 hours after a stroke. This medication reduces clots that might have formed in the brain that has caused the stroke.

It has been standard in hospitals to give tPA within 60 minutes after a patient has been in the hospital. However, Dr. Archit Bhatt from the Providence Brain and Spine Institute has said that a 15 minute reduction of that time would greatly improve a patient's chances of recovery. That would mean getting an ultrafast treatment for patients immediately after their arrival.

2,700 patients have been evaluated by researchers coming from 26 hospitals, according to UPI. These patients were mostly from the Pacific Northwest, and the period that was covered was from 2009 to 2015. The study has shown that only four percent of those had tPA treatment within half an hour.

The study has also found that men were more likely to get ultrafast treatment than women. People who have gone to the hospital by ambulance were also more likely to take it than those who were driven to it. Another factor is that those who go on a weekday during daytime would likely get it than those who go in the evening or on weekends.

Bhatt has observed that those in ambulances get treatment even before they arrive at the hospital, as those in the ambulance are already giving treatment to the patients. Patients who arrive on weekdays will also likely get treatment sooner because hospitals have more staff then, as Medical Xpress reports. However, he could not find a reason why men get treatment faster than women.

Professor Daniel Lackland from the Medical University of North Carolina has some answers as to why men get faster treatment than women. One reason he found is that women are more likely to get stroke later in life, and more likely to be living alone as well. This can be crucial for stroke victims, as people who suffer stroke or a heart attack would have a better chance if there are people around them who can promptly get them to seek treatment.

Stroke is a disease that can have better chance of recovery if treatment is given sooner. Stroke care is much faster for men than women, as a study has found. A new diet has been found that can reduce major diseases.

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