Apple Investigates iPhone 7 Plus Explosion

Cupertino firm Apple is investigating the case of an iPhone 7 Plus that blew up because of battery problems, following the posting of photos and videos of the destroyed mobile device on Twitter. This particular video showed a Rose Gold iPhone 7 Plus with its back deformed by a swollen battery and smoke flowing out of a crack, in the part where the screen has come away from the casing.

iPhone 7 Plus Had Some Problems Before The Explosion

This iPhone 7 Plus was owned by a 18-yeard old girl named Brianna Olivas from Tucson Arizona, and everything started when she was sleeping with the mobile device nearby when her boyfriend noticed its smoke and strange sound. He moved the iPhone away from her and took the video that was eventually uploaded to the social media and went viral.

Regarding this situation, Brianna explained that she had noticed a particular problem with her iPhone 7 Plus, which she bought in January, the day before it blew up. Apparently, this mobile device wouldn't turn on and she took it into a store in which some employees get the phone on and ran diagnostics, saying later that everything was fine with it.

The Video Has Been Watched Over 1.2 Million Times

Nevertheless, the next morning she woke up to discover her iPhone 7 Plus was caught on fire. Apparently, Apple has already replaced both the mobile device and the case that were severely damaged. Far from not receiving the proper attention, the 21-second video shot by Brianna´s boyfriend has already been liked over 24,000 times, retweeted over 23,000, and watched over 1.2 million times.

This incredible interest in the social media shows the way in which the Galaxy Note 7 explosion still represents a huge concern on many customers around the world with the latest mobile devices. However, there hasn't been any information suggesting that this case with the iPhone 7 Plus could be an indication of a wider problem similar to Samsung´s flagship.

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