‘The Flash' Season 3: Kid Flash Backstabs Team Allen, New Villain Emerges

By Dez Bryant , Feb 25, 2017 03:20 AM EST

Right after the back to back episodes entirely dedicated to the Gorilla City, Barry and his Team will take on another metahuman. However, an unlikely turn of events will shatter their team and it will be spearheaded by Kid Flash.

Kid Flash Betrays Team Barry?

Remember the time when Wally West a.k.a Kid Flash stated that he keeps on having a vision of Savitar? Apparently, the God Of Speed is somehow part of the West family. Episode 15 titled "The Wrath of Savitar” will showcase a betrayal and an epic showdown between the speedsters. Savitar has been a thorn to Barry and his team. Unfortunately, he is not yet finished with them. The God of Speed will now make his most violent move in order to fulfill his vision and his goal which is to destroy everything in his path.

Wally West already warned and informed Barry about him not being able to concentrate on their training because of his vision of Savitar. Barry Allen did listen but didn’t inform the rest of the team. This will create some rift and ultimately will cause some issues with Barry and Iris. Barry has been mentoring Wally for numerous times. He wants him to defeat The God of Speed in case he fails. Savitar’s prophecies will take its toll on Kid Flash and Kid Flash won’t be able to handle the pressure thus turning into Barry.

Death Of Irish And New Metahuman

The death of Irish is also expected as seen in the future and Team Flash cannot do anything about it. Also, there were some pictures leaked around the internet about Team Flash handling another metahuman. This metahuman is covered in white hair and he is very agile with a destructive force. There’s no name given yet by the producers of the show but for those who’ve seen the tapings, Barry and Team will have a run for their life.

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