Warriors Defend JaVale McGee Against Shaq, KD, Steve Kerr To The Rescue

To those who are fond of watching NBA on TNT, it is impossible to miss the segment called “Shaqtin A Fool”. It is where Shaq gives out a list of NBA players who messed up a play, made some bloopers or just simply very funny to watch.

“Shaqtin A Fool” To Be Stopped?

“Shaqtin A Fool” is one of the most watched segments in any sports news today. A lot of fans are actually happy to see the brighter side of the game while some of the players who are involved in the comical segment are furious about it. Every year, the Hall Of Famer and one of the 50 greatest players in the NBA, gives out the Shaqtin MVP award. Golden State Warriors JaVale McGee is a two-time Shaqtin MVP and he is already sick of it. This is not the first time he rants about Shaq being childish and too personal about him. He also stated that Shaq is somehow jealous of him because he is still playing and can do more than dunks.

JaVale vs Shaq

In the latest edition of NBA on TNT, Shaq once again mocked JaVale McGee. He showed a video parody of Dr. Strange which is basically making fun of the Golden State Warriors center. Shaq didn’t stop there as he continued roasting JaVale through social media. Shaq was out of line when he called JaVale bum which irates JaVale and his teammates.

Warriors Defend JaVale

Kevin Durant stated in the interview that it was not necessary for Shaq to call him names. He kept on reiterating that nobody is perfect and even Shaq has made some mistakes. Kevin Durant also stated that JaVale has been continuously evolving and Shaq should just stick with basketball. Steve Kerr also commented on his former player and colleague on TNT. Kerr mentioned that Shaq definitely goes over the board and he should stop his antics against JaVale.

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