Nintendo Switch News: Yoshiaki Koizumi Reveals 5 Things You Don't Know About The Switch

By Hazel Wright , Feb 25, 2017 09:20 AM EST

On the most recent Nintendo Minute Video, Nintendo Switch Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi sat down with the hosts and talked about the console. He reveals several details that many fans have yet to know.

Nintendo Switch News: Meaning behind the "Joy-Con"

Yoshiaki Koizumi happily sat down for an interview in the recent Nintendo Minute on Youtube. The segment focused on details that are still unknown to fans, details that Koizumi described as "secrets."

The first secret is about the Joy-Con grip. Apparently, the finalized Joy-con grip that players see today was not the initial design. They were supposed to be in a V-shape. But the team decided to re-arrange the style to what we see today for a better handling.

He also added that they were very interested in the V-shape at first, but when they tried it out with the square design, they thought it looked like a face: a puppy's face to be exact.

The second one was how they were able to put so much technology into the Joy-Con. Koizumi said that they were a result of a lot of "magic" by tons of developers. The host then asked the producer about the mysterious ball rolling sensation inside. However, Koisumi didn't go too much into its details. Saying he just tell people that there really are balls inside the controllers.

The third one was still about the Joy-Con, but this time it's about the name. Koizumi states that they were called "Joy" because they want players to "enjoy" the controllers. He followed that thought by saying that they also like the idea of it being "joined" to the platform. Thus, the name.

The fourth detail is about how the Joy-Con is connected to the Switch. Around that time, Koizumi says that they considered a lot of ways they could connect. And around that time, he was very into that magnet snap you hear when you attach the Joy-cons. So they decided to stick it. Using mechanical rails to give that iconic snap.

The last "secret" was about the color. The producer shares that at the very beginning of the development, the team wanted to have different color controllers. So as they go along, they try to pair several colored Joy-cons on to the console. However the team somehow always ends up pairing colors that almost looks the same, until one person made a contrasting choice. He recalls having their entire team looking into it and saying "That's it!"

By the end of the interview, Koizumi also shared that he will be getting the different colored Nintendo Switch on the release day. Nintendo Switch Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi has been going around places promoting the platform. He also shares some other information on an interview with Time earlier this month.

Nintendo Switch will launch worldwide on March 3, 2017.

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