Bill Paxton Dies At 61; Creator Of Avatar James Cameron Pays Tribute

According to a family representative, Bill Paxton, the famous Hollywood actor, has passed away due to complications from heart surgery last Sunday. The late actor has played important roles in blockbuster movies such as "The Terminator," "Aliens," and "True Lies." He was 61 at the time of his death.

Paxton's Love For The Arts Is Well Known

The family representative also said that Paxton's love for the arts was felt by those he worked with. His warmth and tireless energy were also undeniable, added the family representative. Paxton has recently completed his last feature film, "The Circle," a thriller, that is also currently undergoing post-production.

Paxton's Death Shocked James Cameron

Paxton's death has shocked the Hollywood community, including his long-time friend and co-worker James Cameron, the director of many blockbuster movies including "Titanic" and "Avatar." He directed Paxton in "Aliens" and "Titanic." They were close friends in all of 36 years. From the statements that the famous director released, it is clear that he is already missing his friend.

Cameron Said They Have Been Very Close Friends

"I've been reeling from this for the past half hour, trying to wrap my mind and heart around it," Cameron said. He added that Bill is leaving such a void and that at the start of their friendship, they quickly recognized the "creative spark in each other and became fast friends." He also stated that they helped develop each other's projects, watched their kids grow up, and even dived the Titanic together when they were doing the movie.

Paxton Also Did TV Work

Paxton's upcoming movie "The Circle" also stars Tom Hanks and Emma Watson. The late actor confided in a recent interview that he and Hanks kept in touch with each other after they made "Apollo 13." Hanks is also the executive producer of the acclaimed TV drama "Big Love" where Paxton also played the male lead role. Paxton is survived by his wife Louis Newbury and two children, James and Lydia.


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