'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 81 Alert: Goku Will Lose? TOEI Animation Won't Air Any Episode On Week Of March 12

By Dez Bryant , Feb 27, 2017 03:20 AM EST

The latest episode of “Dragon Ball Super” completely stunned the Dragon Ball World. In a stunning fashion, the fight between Gohan and Lavender ended up with a draw. Both Universe 7 and Universe 9 must step up or else, their world will be destroyed by Omni-King.

Gohan Proves That He Can Still Fight

For those who haven’t watch episode 80 of “Dragon Ball Super” is missing a big part of the story. Gohan who went through a lengthy hiatus not only performed well but was able to shake “ring rust”. According to Geekdom, the way the fight ended, Gohan should be declared as the winner basing on the last man standing rule. However, that didn’t happen as Omni-King and the Grand Priest Daishinkan declared the fight as a draw. Also, they’ve added new stipulations in the Tournament of Power. If a certain Universe will lose, everything will be destroyed except for their angels.

Episode 81: Crusher Bergamo vs Son Goku! Which Has Sky-High Strength?

After the intense battle between Gohan and Lavender, Goku went to congratulate and aide his son Gohan. In the process, Daishinkan laid out the new rules in the tournament. Goku stated that he is more than ready for the next fight while flexing his muscles. Bergamo, on the other hand, was amused but not intimidated with Goku. The video trailer for episode 81 shows that Bergamo has the ability to change its size.

Goku made the initial move by kicking Bergamo which made him angry. Sources state that Goku might lose in the tournament due to some issues about the deal between Omni-King and Bergamo. If that happens, the fight record will be 1-0-1 which means, no winner between the two teams.

Also, last week, TOEI Animation already stated that they won’t air any episode on the week of March 12. Latest information states that TOEI Animation will have a week off while preparing for the big picture in the Universal Tournament Arc. The series will resume on March 19 which will show the true strength of Toppu and why he is considered as the next God Of Destruction.

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