Lesbian and Bisexual Women Experience More Sexual Orgasms than Straight Women

By Charles Omedo , Feb 27, 2017 03:00 AM EST

A new study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior reveals three combination methods that women can use to achieve sexual orgasms faster. The study also reveals why women fake orgasm and why the orgasm experience of men is different from that of women. And then the study suggests that lesbian and bisexual women and gay men experience more orgasms than straight or heterosexual women and men.

Why women fake orgasms and how to increase orgasms for sex partners

Funny enough, while 41% of heterosexual men in the study reported that their partners usually achieved orgasm, only 33% of heterosexual women confess that they actually do. This goes to show that many women are in the habit of faking orgasm to deceive their men or themselves. Many of the women surveyed revealed they fake orgasm to quickly end the sexual encounter for reasons best known to them, while some said they fake it to elevate their level of sexual arousal. Some also said they fake it to make their partner feel good with a sense of pride, while some others said they fake orgasm out of insecurity and fear, the Guardian reports.

What sex partners can do to increase their chances of experiencing greater orgasm have been outlined by the researchers. They have termed these "sexual behaviors" and these build up the tensions needed for sexual fulfillment within and outside the bedroom. These include asking partners what they love most in bed, and trying out new sexual positions and techniques. It is also helpful to chat online or via phone and discuss sexual encounters; while praising a partner's sexual display goes a long way to boost orgasm. Moaning expressions of love during sex is also great and so is acting out sexual fantasies in the bedroom and anywhere else.

Summary of the study on how people experience sexual pleasure

The study was carried out by researchers Chapman University, Indiana University, and Claremont Graduate University. About 52,600 Americans took part in the study to examine the reasons for orgasm gap and what couples could do to increase their chances of experiencing more orgasm. The research ultimately states that a combination of oral sex, deep kissing, and genital stimulation would make a woman to experience orgasm earlier and faster than through any other means.

Ultimately, the researchers were able to establish that 65% of heterosexual women experience orgasm during sex while 66% of bisexual women experience the same. The study further goes on to show that 86% of lesbian women have great sexual fulfillments as against 88% of bisexual men who also have orgasm. Meanwhile, 89% of gay men have orgasm at all times compared with 95% of heterosexual men who experience the same, the BBC shows.

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