'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers For Feb. 27 - March 3: Nicole Reclaims Her Daughter While Things Become Difficult For Deimos

"Days of Our Lives" continue to deliver heavy confrontations and revelations, and this week's episodes will see a lot of desperate moves happening among the people in Salem. Nicole will desperately reclaim her daughter from Chloe as she ends things with Deimos. More scenes are bound to happen as "Days of our Lives" goes on for its Feb. 27 to March 3 episodes.

The Monday episode for "Days of Our Lives" will see Nicole confronting Deimos. She finally feels that she is done with everything that she has lost and pins the blame on Deimos. The latter though will not accept Nicole's decision. Brady will then back up Nicole which will apparently make Deimos angered. The latter thinks Brady is in love with Nicole which the two men reportedly need to discuss.

On separate scenes, Nicole will be seen trying to reclaim her daughter after the court decides that her daughter Holly will be better off with her surrogate mom, Chloe. However, Nicole might not have the chance to see her daughter for a long time as Chloe plans to leave for New York and will not allow the former to see her child.

Meanwhile, next week's episodes will never run out of romances. Jennifer will need to find something to work on since the Orwell debacle has already concluded. This free time leads her to share some tender moments with Eric. JJ, on the other hand, continues to date Lani. However, Gabi might find her heart breaking when she overhears the romance growing between JJ and Lani.

Chad, of course, will not let the week ends without making up to his wife. He will focus on repairing his marriage despite the fact that he still feels something for Gabi. Chad realizes how he cannot live without Abby who chooses to forget the past. Abby learns about the kiss that happened between her husband and Gabi, but will rather let it slip and forgive Chad. Fans then of the couple might feel happier this time as spoilers also claim that Chad and Abby will share a stronger love with each other.

Another romantic scene that fans can expect from next week is from Hope and Rage. The two will spend a romantic evening together somewhere in the upcoming episodes. Eduardo will also have his own share of happiness as he shows his sexy side to Kate whom he vowed to fight for.

Further spoilers for the week reveals how Deimos will face more concerns than Nicole breaking up with him. Sonny will ask Victor to make him the next line of succession which he plans to use as his ace to take down Deimos. Sonny will then share this to Brady who might be supportive of the idea.

More events are bound to happen in Salem this week. "Days of Our Lives" airs weekdays on NBC.

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