The Simpsons Series May Have Revealed What Games Will Be In Nintendo Switch And More

By Shayne Caravana , Feb 27, 2017 03:57 PM EST

The Simpsons producers must be clairvoyants because during their 25 years, the series have shown the games that will be part of Nintendo Switch. Of course, some of them are just mini-games but players can expect that it will be fun.

What Are The Games That The Simpsons Have Predicted?

Nintendo Switch will be available on the market just a few days from now. There are mini-games available in the upcoming console that players can play. But some reports indicated that the Simpsons may have inspired the games for the newest platform.

According to Destructoid, an episode from Season 14 showed how 1-2-Switch will work. The game is a milking simulation wherein players have to compete in filling the imaginary receptacle first. Next, Arms is a game similar to Season 11's Episode 4.

The Snipperclips is the same with The Simpsons' Season 16's episode 19. The players must cut out the shapes with the exact size in order to solve the puzzles.

VR Has Been Part Of The Simpsons

The Simpsons did not only predicted the games for Nintendo Switch but also for the virtual reality headset, which is the current trend for the video games right now. As per Viralands, in an episode of the cartoons, the animators incorporated a video game wherein the child is wearing that seems to be a VR.

Also, the child in the series seems to play a game that can be compared with Farmville. But the game can also be compared with Stardew Valley since the game is about farming and harvesting, too. The Simpsons may spark the idea to the game developers.

The Simpsons may have been predicting what will come in the future. However, their so-called predictions might just be a mere coincidence or the inspirations of the game developers such as Nintendo. But who cares? As long as players will enjoy, then the developers will continue to earn.

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