Belen vs. St Thomas Water Polo Handshake Video Goes Viral

By Dmitry Sheynin , May 07, 2013 03:26 PM EDT

It's unclear how or why, but a video showing the post-match handshake between the Belen Jesuit and Saint Thomas Aquinas water polo teams has gone viral.

The video shows both teams walking past each other and performing the obligatory handshake between opposing teams that is a hallmark of nearly all sporting events. The handshake is meant as a show of good sportsmanship. But at around five seconds into the video, one of the players from the team closest to the crowd shoves an opposing player into the pool.

Pandemonium quickly ensues in the video, with the spectators visibly becoming upset, along with the players. The video is silent and it's unclear which team is Belen Jesuit and which is Saint Thomas Aquinas.

YouTube comments for the video have been equal parts colorful and impassioned:

MamoDad 9 hours ago

WTF YouTube. A 1 minute ad for a 30 second video?

Go pound sand.

bcstone09 1 hour ago

The Internet is emotionless if you are too ignorant to understand what a joke is, but rather you believe everything you read. If I told you that Santa Clause was real, would you believe me because someone told you over the Internet? Most People(not you) are able to come to their own conclusions when reading comments, rather than believing everything they read. And I do not want some 15 year old virgin to tell me how babies are made. Did someone tell you how they are made over the Internet? Haha

Ryan Chenoweth 2 hours ago

As kids we use to spit on our hands while lining up after a baseball game to shake hands with the other team. He pushed him in the water that they just got finished swimming in..........OH NO!!

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