Halle Berry's Untamed Hairstyle Sparked Controversy At The Oscars

When somebody reports that Halle Berry would be walking down the red carpet with a major hair change on the Oscars, everyone could hardly wait to believe and see what she's up to. Could it be another undercut tattoo? Another head-shoulder-length extension? Or would she be reliving the pixie cut appearance that she debatably made famous years ago (FYI, there are over a million results for "Halle Berry pixie" on Google every 0.69 seconds globally.)

Relive And Pay Tribute; Celebrates Natural Hairstyle

 As an alternative to those choices, the Kidnap star paid reverence to her natural curls with the help of her longtime hair stylist Castillo. "It was a cooperative process that took around two weeks to decide on," he tells Vouge.com. "Halle's been wearing a natural hairstyle lately, and fans really wanted to see, a creation of style both alive and incarnate in her whimsical spirit."

And to achieve that look, he washed her strands with MOP Mixed Greens Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner and added the line's Lemongrass Whip to her hair roots for extra volume. Before drying her hair, he applied MOP C-Curl Defining Cream all over and added breadth by creating curls of different sizes with the T3 Whirl Trio Curling Iron.

Berry, who shone in a black and nude Atelier Versace rein gown, told Vogue that her curls had a detailed meaning. "The dress is trendy with a sense of amorousness that made me feel more feminine and renewed," she noted. "With this look, I celebrate my natural hair by allowing it to be wild and free."

Critics Understand It Another Way Around

While Berry famous presentation of an appeal, some social media followers didn't want to join that kind of party. Some said her hairstyle made her look older. Others pitied for the people who sat behind her. Funny also that others called it a wig, even comparing her to Rachel Dolezal. They called her Scary Spice. They said she looked like she was electrocuted. And others were the nicest tweets.

My thoughts? I really love it when any star tries out new things and even more when it means something dearly to them.

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