Oppo Officially Introduces Periscope-Inspired 5x Dual Camera Zoom

Oppo is heading in the same direction as other companies that are focusing on dual cameras. It's taking things a bit further, however, by integrating 5x dual camera zoom inspired by a periscope.

At the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Oppo Electronics introduced its new dual camera module for smartphones with the 5x "lossless" zoom system. Simply put, the new tech allows users to zoom the camera in on a subject as close as possible without worrying about smudges or other issues.

As CNET noted, the company's engineers supposedly worked for a year or so to come up with a camera module that only measures 5.7mm thick. The original design actually came from another company but Oppo was able to license it. The engineers took some cue from a periscope to keep the module as slim as possible. The module used a periscope design to allow light to be diverted by 90 degrees to reach the sensor.

Engadget was able to take the demo version of Oppo's 5x camera for a spin and, to quote the writer, it "was pretty damned great" as it showed clearer photos than other cameras used in the test for comparison. Unfortunately, the tech is not yet available on any specific smartphone but it is likely to be featured on a smartphone from a company with a more global reach. On the other hand, Oppo managed to get 50 patents on the different techs and innovations used on the 5x camera. This makes it difficult for other companies, including the one the design was licensed from, to use the 5x camera tech.

Oppo is currently ranked first in market shares in China for mobile devices. It also holds the fourth spot worldwide. Huawei and Vivo respectively trailed Oppo at second and third spots of China's market shares.

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