Tesla Enters New Zealand, Elon Musk's Ambitious Global Dreams Explained

Tesla has just recently celebrated its official launch in Auckland, New Zealand by delivering the first Model S and X vehicles to their owners during a special launch event held at Shed 10 on the waterfront, Thursday evening. Eight cars were presented and given to their new owners at the said Tesla launch event, where it also featured some honored guests including Minister of Energy and Resources Judith Collins, and Minister of Transport Simon Bridges.

Tesla Opens In New Zealand

According to Teslarati, each of the eight new Tesla customers was first called onto the stage during the event, where they were then handed keys in front of the assembled crowd. The audience were comprised of current Tesla owners or those who already own a Model S sedan or Model X SUV on order.

Both the Models S and X were on display at Shed 10. Guests were already wearing suits and evening dresses, and RSVPs, which had already been cross-posted on Facebook, exceeded in a capacity that some unhappy folks had to be turned away from the much-desired event.

Tesla In New Zealand - EVs & Energy Systems

Tesla New Zealand director Kurt Schlosser was welcoming guests by snapping a crowd shot on his cell phone then went on to introduce Tesla as "the world's first vertically integrated sustainable energy company." His comment extended the conversation way beyond Tesla's already-known innovative electric car line and helped the crowd to differentiate the Powerwall 2 and Powerpack 2.

With over 80% of New Zealand electricity being generated by renewables, it makes a lot of sense for Tesla to deliver energy storage solutions to the country's local residents. Powerwall has the capacity to empower homeowners, support multiple electricity networks, and achieve greater grid autonomy.

Tesla's Presence In New Zealand

According to The Christian Science Monitor, Tesla has actually opened up its online design studio for New Zealanders who wished to purchase a Tesla electric vehicle In November of 2016. Potential buyers could choose their model and options for Model S and Model X vehicles, with the very first vehicle then were expected to arrive in April-June 2017.

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