iPhone 6 Release Date On Hold: Apple To Release Cheap iPhone Models In Meantime?

Up until this point it was believed that Apple would release just one low-cost iPhone in different sizes of storage capacity. According to an Apple parts supplier with a great track record, it is now believed Apple will release more than one model of the low-cost iPhone.

According to the source, the so-called low-cost iPhones will be more mid-range, which lines up with what we reported a few days ago. The move to bring more than one low-cost iPhone to the market intends to catapult iPhone market share by offering the iconic smartphone at all different price points. Apple needs to suck it up and follow Samsung's formula of getting as many smartphones on the market as possible. If this rumor is true, Apple will certainly capture more smartphone market share, something that will make Apple investors very happy as well.

The source also claims that Apple is releasing the iPhone 5S and multiple low-cost iPhones for another reason as well:

"Apple needs to make money somewhere and keep the brand alive while they wait for a new idea. So by releasing lower end models they plan to recapture market share, hold interest in their OS and keep investors happy. We all know what happens if you are off in the woods picking blackberries instead of doing something innovative or profitable."

That "new idea" is reportedly the completely redesigned iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 isn't expected to debut until sometime in 2014. As with all Apple rumors, take this with a huge grain of salt.

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