OnePlus 5 News And Updates: Latest Rumors Suggest Dual-Edge Display And 23 MP Camera

By Justin Lee , Feb 28, 2017 01:04 PM EST

The OnePlus 5 is OnePlus' flagship smartphone that's bound for 2017 release. The flagship killer device of the year is expected to improve its camera and display specs among many others. As per recent reports, the OnePlus 5 may even borrow some of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge's physical appearance.

OnePlus 5 Rumored Specs

The abovementioned S7 Edge looks that OnePlus may copy from Samsung may just revolve around the dual-edge display feature. Recent reports suggest that the maker of flagship killers may now use the curved-display technology that has proven its popularity in the past years.

On top of display improvements, the OnePlus 5 could also increase its megapixel counts for its rear camera. From the last model's 16 MP rear-cam, the 2017 flagship could sport an impressive 23 MP rear shooter. The selfie snapper could still be retained at 16 MP, just like last year's OnePlus 3T.

Additional details about the new OnePlus device suggest the addition of a 256 GB storage and the use of a ceramic body. The RAM size could also be increased to 8 GB. Do note that one of the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T's key selling point is their 6 GB RAM sizes that none of the popular flagships of 2016 was able to beat.

OnePlus 5 Release Date

The OnePlus 3 was released in June so there's a chance that the OnePlus 5 will get the same launch timeframe. However, there's also the factor of what processor OnePlus is stuffing their next flagship phone with. If the company goes for the Snapdragon 835 processor, which they are expected to, note that there's no assurance as to when this chipset will be made available. With that said, this could ultimately delay the OnePlus 5's launch.

Samsung is the one producing the Snapdragon 835 processor for Qualcomm and the Galaxy phone-maker decided to keep the first batch of production to itself. Apparently, the Galaxy S8 will be powered by Snapdragon 835 which is why Samsung taking the first production of the said chipset. Other companies should be waiting for the next batch if they want to use 2017's best Snapdragon processor.

The second-best Snapdragon chipset for the year is the Snapdragon 821 and it is already used in the OnePlus 3T. With that said, there's a good chance that the company would push the launch of the OnePlus 5 towards the end of the year to wait for the Snapdragon 835 processor. Unlike LG, who had to settle for the Snapdragon 821, OnePlus has to wait for the chipset supply in order to have a decent upgrade for the OnePlus 3 series.

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