For Honor Patch V1.03 To Be Released On PC Tomorrow; Here's What To Expect

By Mhico V. , Mar 01, 2017 01:47 AM EST

Recently, Ubisoft announced a new update for the For Honor. The update will be available in PC, Xbox One and PS4. However, it has been reported that the patch will first arrive to the game's PC version, thus making the PC gamers excited as they will now be able to finally update it. The V1.03 update brings in a lot changes to the game, here's what should be expected.

What To Expect From The V1.03 Update For The PC Version Of For Honor?

The update will bring a lot of in-game balancing and bug fixes to the title. First in the update is the overall changes for the Guardbreak features of the game. It will now allow the players to counter every Guarbreaks while in battle. The Peacekeeper's bleed effect will also be changed in the update. The damage of the bleed effect will be lowered into 36, which will make the character more balanced.

The camera angles will also be improved, which would be something that is rightfully due since players are reporting that the camera angle is very hard to optimize. In addition, fans can also expect a lot of animation improvements in the upcoming update. With these amazing changes in the game, fans can expect a much better gameplay for the For Honor.

When Is The Release Date Of The V1.03 Update For Xbox One And PS4 Versions Of For Honor?

With the latest update entering the PC earlier than the Xbox One and PS4, fans can expect that the two consoles will receive the update a few days after the PC release of the V1.03 update. It is also confirmed that Ubisoft is now waiting for the confirmation of Microsoft and Sony to release the update. Due to this, fans can expect that the said update will be released in Xbox One and PS4 as early as possible. The V1.03 update in the PC version of the For Honor will arrive tomorrow.

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