Volvo XC60 Can Automatically Steer And Brake To Avoid Crashes

By Monica U Santos , Mar 01, 2017 03:04 AM EST

Volvo, a Swedish multinational manufacturing company, has confirmed that its new car model will be named as XC60. It is expected to be fully revealed next week at the 2017 Geneva motor show. According to reports, the new model car will have the ability to automatically steer and brake to avoid crashes and any obstacles in the road ahead.

Volvo XC60's Steering Support System

Volvo added a feature to the XC60 SUV that differs from the other upcoming cars. The system which is called as the "Steering Support" features an automated braking tandem with automatic steering to avoid crashes on the road. According to TechCrunch, few other tricks that involve the new software is taking the wheel of the new SUV when it believes it’s necessary. Aside from that, Volvo's XC60 will also alert drivers when they’re drifting out of a preferred driving lane.

The new SUV will actually automatically steer the car back into the designated driving lane if it detects that the path of the vehicle might collide with the other cars. The Steering Support system cuts in when minor braking alone will not avoid crashes and accidents. It is active and operates at speeds of 50km/h and 100km/h. “We have been working with collision avoidance systems for many years and we can see how effective they are," said Malin Ekholm, Volvo Cars safety Center's senior director.

Volvo XC60's Blind Spot Monitoring System

As reported by The Irish Times, Volvo's new blind spot monitoring system helps the driver to prevent hitting someone as he pulls across for a lane change. An optional blind spot information system will be an add-on and will let drivers know about the other cars that are in their blind spots. Also, this system will take action to steer the car away from the track of those vehicles and then go back into the safety of their own lane.

According to critics, the new XC60 SUV will be a critical model for Volvo Group because it attempts to build on the recent global successes of the XC90 as well as the S90. Based on a compressed XC90 platform, the XC60 is expected to become Volvo’s best-selling car, at least until the new model V, S, and XC40 arrive towards the end of this year until early next year.


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