NBA News, Updates: Knicks To Waive Contract Of Derrick Rose? Cavaliers Improving Defense Chances With The Signing Of Andrew Bogut?

The New York Knicks have had a disappointing 2016-17 conference with injury woes and its round of releases. There have been a couple of major shakeups in the team's lineup. Brandon Jennings was released and Joakim Noah who has undergone knee surgery will be out for the rest of the season. And now there is this NBA news that Derrick Rose's contract could be waived by the team.

Did The Knicks Believe Rose Did Not Help Much?

CBS Sports reported that Rose's 23.6 percent three-point shooting performance did not help the Knicks so much. His below average defense has also harmed the team. These limitations in his performance have led this publication to believe that Rose's contract will be waived by the Knicks. This NBA news suggests that if the team chooses to do so, it might be its way of admitting that their offseason strategies have backfired.

But Rose Gave A Solid Performance

Rose's stint with the Knicks will not last the whole season if his contract is waived by New York. He was acquired by the Knicks from the Chicago Bulls only last June 2016. It is sad NBA news that even with a solid performance of 17.6 points per game, 4.4 assists, and 4 rebounds, his status in the team seems to be unsure.

The Cavs Chances Of Defending Its Title Are Better Now

In other NBA news, updates, it seems that the chances of the Cleveland Cavaliers in successfully defending its NBA title seem to be bolstered by its pending acquisition of Andrew Bogut. The Cavs have already signed up Derron Williams as a backup point guard. What they need now is someone to protect the rim.

Have They Already Found The Right Guy?

It seems that they have already found that guy in the person of Bogut. David Bauman, Bogut's agent has confirmed that his client has already decided to sign up with the Cavaliers. Other NBA news indicates that he will be flying to Cleveland anytime this week and will probably play for the Cavs in their game next week.

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